FEATURE FILM - In this Independent Spirit Award nominated film, two ex-music scenesters relive their lost youth with a 24-hour romance around wintry Minneapolis. A short hello, and a long goodbye. Score composed by Eric Tretbar and Chan Poling, leader of 80s New Wave band, The Suburbs. © 1998 Winter Light Films (1:25 trailer for 82:00 feature, 16mm b/w) Written and directed by Eric Tretbar.


FEATURE FILM - Rock and Roll Orpheus. The leader of a threadbare garage rock band nearly destroys herself on the eve of her success when she returns to the family she left behind. Starring Emily Cline (SEX AND THE CITY), Scott Foster (CALIFORNICATION), and Rena Owen (STAR WARS, ONCE WERE WARRIORS). Score composed by Eric Tretbar. © 2006 Flowers Films (3:06 excerpt from 83:00 feature, 480p/24 Standard Def DV) Written and directed by Eric Tretbar.


FEATURE FILM - A high school shop teacher buys her first motorcycle with her wedding dress money and embarks on a personal quest for freedom that both attracts and threatens a new circle of motorcycle friends. Score music by Eric Tretbar. © 2013 Moto Girl Films (1:42 trailer for 105:00 feature, 1080p/24 HDDV, color) Written and directed by Eric Tretbar.


SHORT FILM - Godard, the forgotten god of Cinema, is confronted by his self-styled children who attempt to gun him down in a fit of influence anxiety. © 2016 Winter Light Films (2:00 trailer for 8:00 short film, 1080p/24 HDDV) Written and directed by Eric Tretbar. (WORK IN PROGRESS)


FEATURE DOCUMENTARY - A cross-country mosaic portrait that explores the U.S. motto, "E Pluribus Unum": who are the many? And what is the one? Who are Americans? And what are their dreams? An intimate view of the many people who call themselves, and each other, AMERICANS. © 2011 Winter Light Films (1:52 excerpt from 56:40 feature, 720p/24 Hi-Def DV) Written and directed by Eric Tretbar.

INQ409-5 Wolfowitz

ONLINE SERIES - In this 12-part agitprop series, the Bush Administration interrogates a prisoner aboard Air Force One, slowly revealed to be Jesus. In this excerpt, Paul Wolfowitz explains the relationship between Love and Evil. Shot to resemble leaked DOD footage, INQ409 was designed to be viewed and distributed on cellphones for the 2008 election year. It also aired during the Republican National Convention as part of the Walker Art Center’s UNCONVENTION series. © 2008 Winter Light Films (4:23 excerpt from 95:00 feature, 480i/17 Lo-Def DV) Written and directed by Eric Tretbar.